Friday, September 19, 2008

Crosstrain Taper

Not a hell of a lot to talk about today. Yesterday I biked into work - 9 miles. It felt ok. My ass was actually sore from the run the day before - so I was scared the bike seat would make things worse - but no ill effects. Beautiful morning as well.

Today I jogged 1.3 miles down to Eastern Point Beach - swam around for ~17 minutes (I'm guessing ~.4 miles) then jogged back up. The swim was odd: high, swirling tide - murcky water and people bundled up along the benches and beach to keep warm from the wind. However, the water was not very cold. It was freezing coming out - and jogging back - but nothing horrible. Not the ideal swim - but it beats the indoor pool.

Sunday - national 5K championships!

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