Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Killer Intervals

Monday I headed out with Dave to do some brutal 'off track' intervals. The workout was only 5x4 minutes - but the weather was, again, very humid and tough to run in - hard to believe now since it's so dry and cool. The workout felt difficult during the run and I ended up taking yesterday off completely. Today I'll do my long run home again. Seems like I just did it - but it's actually been awhile.

Some big races coming up. This Sunday is the CVS Dowtown 5K up in Providence. The weather is looking good - and it should be a pretty fast race. I'm not going to taper much for it though - since it really isn't a goal race. I'll be doing 9 miles today, some biking tomorrow - and probably a swim/run Friday - all at a pretty mellow pace.

Two weeks from Saturday is the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge Championships. The race starts on Park Avenue at 9:00 AM - so I'm going to drag the wife and kids down Friday afternoon for a little city life. My goal is to try and sniff the 6:30s in either one or both of these races. May as well try, at some point age is going become a factor.

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