Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Track Mile Time

I'm pretty pumped to have finished my 2.5 week training plan for the upcoming track mile.  I did 6.6 miles on Monday - up the minuteman in Arlington.  Yesterday I headed out with the new running group at work for the normal 4.7 - but we did average 7:45s - so that would be a MP run.  Am I ready for tomorrow?  My last official track mile was in 2008 - and I did 6:03.  I've always thought I could break 6 - and have unofficially - but I'm pretty sure i didn't when i was timing miles last fall during marathon training workouts - and i had some trouble breaking 3 minutes for the 800s two weeks ago.  In any case, I'll be close.  I've been told i should pick up some racing flats - but kinda worry about my legs - not sure if it's worth it.


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