Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Rocky Weekend.

Last weekend I took the family up to Mt. Monadonock in NH (well, one kid).  I skipped my saturday 3 miler - and in it's place did the hike up the mountain (about 4 miles - but i'm pretty sure the effort was more than the 3 miler).  Lovely hike, good times camping.

Sunday morning I did a very slow/sore 3 mile hike around the campground.  Monday I did an 8:40 pace 8.2 miler up and down the bike path.  My plantar facia was killing me Tuesday - but magically feels better today.  The pain seems to have migrated to my back.  Will be taking off in about 1/2-hour to do my 5 mile tempo run.  Weather-wise - today seems to be the best day in July - as the heat/humidity is returning tomorrow.  


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