Thursday, June 16, 2016

When is a 10K not a 10K?

I've never loved philosophical questions.  But i'm pretty sure I ran a 6.5 mile 10k last night.  Like many runs, it was a run to raise money for a great charity - but as a runner, it is a little depressing to really push for - what turned out to be - 46 minutes, and find yourself facing a 7:27 pace - when you really feel like you earned a 7:10 or better.  I didn't gps it myself - but most people at the finish said over 6.5.  In the end, 7:10, 7:05 - doesn't really make it a good race anyway - but 7:27 is really below average for me - and doesn't give me much confidence moving forward.

That's the bad.  The good is many things.  Great night to run, free food afterward.  Never seen much of Sudbury - so that was nice.  Feel really good to support Smile Mass.  I'll definately run next - if nothing else to check the distance.  And if it was 7:10ish - a great workout.  I'll probably do a run or two next week - then go into shutdown for two weeks before kicking up to marathon training.


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