Friday, July 15, 2016

The dreaded tempo run

96% humidity this morning.  5 mile tempo on the docket.  The difficult aspects of running a tempo run are partially related to pace.  In Arlington, it is simply not possible for me to keep the pace up hills that stretch almost a mile.  If I run them into work, I have to interrupt the run at traffic lights - thus removing some of the benefit.  Also, the net down hill also makes the run to easy.  It is better to run in reverse, but then it is suppose to be 94 degrees today - so that wasn't going to happen.  Hopefully it can be an option later in the training cycle.

So today kicked off withe a 7:32 first mile down hill, them a 7:36 mile up the minuteman.  Then I started feeling the heat: 7:43, 7:44 for the next two, and 9:01 for the last 0.9 up the hill.  Overall, I managed under MP for four miles, and had a good effort at the end - hopefully running arlington hills will make the marathon's rollers feel easy.


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