Sunday, November 05, 2017

Battlegreen 10k

Made it out to Lexington to do my first race in over a month.  Perfect fall weather ended up equaling my best 10k effort ever!  That despite some serious hills.  Here are the mile paces: 6:34, 6:50, 6:47, 6:52, 7:22 and 6:36 (last bit was 6:25 sprint to try and catch some age-groupers).  That mile 5 hill was no joke.  42:57, which ties my Niantic bay 10k time from a few years ago.   I really need to find a flatter fall 10k - probably could've smashed that old record with a few less hills.  According to my training plan, that would put my "planned" HMP at 7:09 instead of the 7:20-7:30 range - something to think about.  Not sure if i want to go out that aggressive... 

I had a pretty good 5M tempo on Thursday: 7:19, 7:04, 7:15, 7:12 and 7:12.  Need to do 3 miles at a 7:10 pace on Tuesday. 


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