Thursday, November 02, 2017

Solid Fall Running

Been pretty busy lately.  So i'll give a quick rundown of the last few weeks.  I'm on week 10 of the training plan now, and haven't blogged since week 8.  I finished off that week with a really nice 10 miler at a 7:42 pace - including the last brutal hill - so probably below 7:40s.  However, that weekend I was down in Mystic and missed my intervals - instead I did a slow 7 miles Sunday night - better than nothing.

Last week (week 9) started with a 15 miler and HMP+30.  Overall pace was 8:06 - probably close to 8:00 or under if I don't include the last hill.  So very good.  A nice relaxing run.  Some rain, but pretty warm that morning.  I followed that up with my 'medium tempo' run Thursday which was a bit slow - just under 7:30s for 5 miles:  7:36, 7:25, 7:40, 7:15 and 7:18.  I was ok with that since the pacing was good - faster the last half.  I'll probably try and do something similar today.

That week finished up with off-track 3x2000 intervals.  I think these were run at under 7:00 min/mile pace - maybe 6:45s with the GAP pacing - but it's hard to know off-track.  Looked like middle-school soccer did me in. 

This week started off with probably my best run when factoring in both speed and distance.  I did 7:46 over 12 miles. Really good pacing the entire way.  That's only 16 seconds over HMP - with a lot of hills - so feeling pretty good about being able to hit 7:30s for the race.

Today is another 5 miler medium tempo.  Sunday is either intervals or battlegreen 10k.


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