Monday, September 22, 2008

CVS 5K Race

Yesterday was the CVS 5K race in Providence Rhode Island. This race serves as a the national championship for this distance - and for people like myself, a nice flat course for achieving PR times. I would say the day was perfect for racing, but in truth it felt a little warm out there - especially by mile 2. From the Providence Journal:
As the sun rose over Providence, the air was chilly. As the sun climbed over Narragansett Bay, the air became pleasantly warm, then downright hot.

The elite field was out in force and garnered most of the media attention - but the race also serves as competition for children, high school and numerous other divisions including corporate.
I started pretty fast, passing mile one in under 6:30 and mile 2 right around 13:00, then I started to feel *real* bad - tingly and my hair felt like it was going to stand straight up. Definately over-heated. Although I slowed a little, I managed to keep it together for the last 1.1 miles - finishing in 20:40 (6:40 pace overall, ~7:00 pace for the last 1.1 miles). This actually beats my PR by exactly one second - so I'm glad I didn't stop along the way. I think if the weather was a little cooler - I may have broken into the 6:30s.

Today I actually felt good enough to go out. I did 4.15 miles at a slow pace - I was going to swim - but the air temp was cold and the clouds blotted out the sun - not an appeling day for the beach. Maybe Wednesday I'll try some laps. Tomorrow will be intervals.

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